Bartók for Two Guitars (Andreas Brink)

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Bartók for Two Guitars is a collection of 25 Béla Bartók pieces arranged for a guitar duo. Since Bartók never composed for the guitar this music has been carefully transcribed to make it fit this particular instrument. The pieces in the book has been arranged in order to be progressively more challenging. The purpose of the book is to broaden the repertoire available to students and teachers of the classical guitar. These pieces offers a taste of the often absent 20th century music without being hard to either perform or listen to. The book is a 34 page PDF. The music is written in standard notation.

Table of contents:

Mikrokosmos 5 - Six unison melodies (V)

Mikrokosmos 17 - Contrary motion

Mikrokosmos 22 - Imitation and counterpoint

Mikrokosmos 28 - Canon at the octave

Mikrokosmos 38 - Staccato and legato

First term at the piano nr 3 - Little invention

First term at the piano nr 4 - Conversation I

First term at the piano nr 8 - Long and short

First term at the piano nr 23 - Waltz

Violin duo nr 1 - Teasing song

Violin duo nr 3 - Menuetto

Violin duo nr 4 - Midsummer night song

Violin duo nr 6 - Hungarian song

Violin duo nr 10 - Ruthenian song

Violin duo nr 33 - Harvest song

For children nr 1 - Sweet as sugar

For children nr 2 - Sunrise

For children nr 3 - Former friends

For children nr 6 - Country dance

For children nr 7 - Flower song

For children nr 8 - Dance song

For children nr 9 - The blossom unfolds

For children nr 10 - Exotic flowers

10 easy pieces nr 2 - Painful struggle

Bagatelle nr 6

Musical dictionary

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Bartók for Two Guitars (Andreas Brink)

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