Birds - 7 Miniatures for Guitar Trio

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These seven trio pieces are composed for beginners. They are short, just eight bars each, and easy to play. All the miniatures are composed using only natural notes, there are no sharps or flats. To get some tonal variation each piece is based on one of the seven modes of the major scale, and since there are seven pieces all of them have their own tonal personality.

Rhythmically they are very simple with no rests. They are all played in the first position of the fretboard. Fingerings, tempo indications and dynamic markings have all been deliberately left out to give students - or their teacher - full freedom to adapt the music to fit the skill level of the performers.

All in all these miniatures are meant to be a good place for young students or other beginners to start playing together.

  • 7 pieces for guitar trio in a 9 page PDF

  • Size
    668 KB
  • Length
    9 pages
  • 7 pieces for guitar trio in a 9 page PDF
  • Size668 KB
  • Length9 pages
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Birds - 7 Miniatures for Guitar Trio

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